Life Extension Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Complete, 60 softgels

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Life Extension’s unique Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Complete formula combines pomegranate fruit extracts and seed oil, GliSODin® superoxide dismutase, and Cardiose® sweet orange peel extract: three powerful ingredients that have been shown to help protect the delicate cells that line the inside of your blood vessels.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Promotes arterial and circulatory health
  • Helps inhibit vascular inflammation
  • Supports healthy endothelial cell function
  • Helps protect your veins from oxidative stress
  • Promotes vascular dilation and circulation

More facts about Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Complete

Blood vessels are lined with a delicate layer of cells known as the endothelium. This endothelial layer is responsible for regulating the health and function of arteries and veins. As you age, protecting the endothelium is critical for maintaining vascular health.

Triple-action endothelial health support

Pomegranate Complete is a potent source of unique polyphenol extracts from every part of the pomegranate, including the seed, flower, and fruit. Pomegranate extracts have valuable health benefits, including promoting healthy endothelial function; inhibiting oxidative stress; supporting metabolic and cardiovascular health; and encouraging a healthy inflammatory response.1-11

GliSODin® is an orally active form of superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme, a potent inhibitor of internal oxidative stress. In a clinical trial, daily supplementation with GliSODin® powerfully encouraged arterial health and significantly relieved oxidative stress compared to a control group.12

Cardiose® extract from sweet orange peel helps promote endothelial production of nitric oxide,13 which encourages vasodilation — a key requirement for healthy circulation.

Clinically studied orange peel extract

In a randomized controlled trial, 500 mg of sweet orange peel extract produced an 20% improvement in flow-mediated dilation, a direct marker of healthy endothelial function.14 This extract also promoted a normal, healthy inflammatory response.15

If you’re ready to give your cardiovascular health a boost of targeted nutritional support, add Endothelial Defense™Pomegranate Complete to your daily regimen.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 2 softgels

Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving



Calories from Fat 15
Total Fat 1.5 g
Total Carbohydrate 1.5 g
Protein <1 g
Superoxide dismutase/gliadin complex (GliSODin®) [SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzyme activity = 500 IU] 500 mg

Cardiose® flavonoid glycoside [from immature sweet orange (peel)] [std. to 90% rutinoside]

500 mg

POMELLA® pomegranate extract (fruit) [std. to 30% punicalagins]

400 mg

Proprietary pomegranate blend (flower extract and seed oil) [std. to 22% punicic acid]

137.5 mg

Pomegranate 5:1 extract (fruit)

100 mg

Other ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, maltodextrin, glycerin, sunflower lecithin, purified water, carob color, beeswax.

Contains wheat.


Cardiose® is a registered trademark of INTERQUIM, S.A. d.b.a. Ferrer HealthTech.

POMELLA® Extract is covered under U.S. Patent 7,638,640 and POMELLA® is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences, Inc.

Isocell SA, France is the owner of US Patents Nos. 6,045,809 and 6,426,068B1 and trademark of GliSODin®. 

Dosage and Use
  • Take two (2) softgels daily before breakfast, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

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