prof. K Euglena Mask Spray, 10 ml

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Protect Yourself Against Viruses and Bacteria Effectively, Comfortably and Naturally!

prof. K Euglena Mask Spray is formulated to sterilize our immediate surroundings and provide a refreshing and relaxing scent at the same time.

It has been tested to achieve a 99.9% sterilization result in 10 mins.


Calming Benefit From 100% Natural Essential Oils!

The scent of the Yuzu and citrus herbs essential oils in the formula induced brain waves showing a reduction in stress and improvement in comfort level.


Euglena added to the blend was found to enhance the reception of our brain to the scent and brought about a significant positive difference.


Counteract Against Your Uncertain Environment!

Sterilize your immediate environment and enjoy the refreshing and relaxing scent by spraying on:

  • Your mask to enhance the protection and comfort of wearing it.
  • The sleeves and collar of your clothes.
  • Your pillow and bedding for a restful sleep.
  • Tabletops and seats

Ingredients Facts

Each 10ml bottle provides approximately 220 pumps dispensing:


Water, ethanol, nonionic surfactant, essential oils, euglena extract.



Hold about 10cm away and dispense about 1 to 2 pumps onto desired area.


For Mask:

Hold about 10cm away from the outside surface of the mask and dispense about 1 to 2 pumps evenly.



Do not use near fire.

Do not spray directly on bare skin, eye, nose or mouth.


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Do not store near fire


Product of Japan

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