Cedar Girls’ Secondary School Students' Project on Food Resources

Caleb Mok, our dietician, involved as the project advisor in the project of a group of Cedar Girls’ Secondary School students on "Excessive and Unhealthy Food Consumption Among Teenagers in Singapore". After understanding the public nutritional issues and challenges from Caleb, the students have presented an interesting social media app prototype that strives to improve healthy eating among the adolescents.

Public Education – Let Food Be Thy Cancer Avengers

Caleb our Dietician, at the Supreme Court's Staff  Wellness Series, sharing with participants about the different nutrients that fight against cancers.

Public Education - The Science-based Superfood - Euglena P-3

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with participants the scientific updates about Euglena, the superfood, that can bring about various health benefits.

Public Education - Secrets to youthful bone and joints

Caleb our Dietician, discussing with participants on “Secrets to Youthful Bones & Joints”.

Public Education - Digestive cancers and cancer-preventive diet

Together with Dr. Melvin Look, consultant general surgeon of PanAsia Surgical Group, Caleb our Dietician, discussing with the members of Orchid Country Club on digestive cancers and cancer-preventive diet.

Vitafoods Asia 2018

Activa, lead by Valerie Marin, Regional Director, exhibited and shared with visitors on how their use pharmaceutical micro-granules revolutionized the herbal industry in France.

Public Education - The Top 6 Hidden Culprits of Chronic Heart Disease

Caleb our Dietician, discussing with participants on “The Top 6 Hidden Culprits of Chronic Heart Disease” and how to overcome them.

Public Education - Euglena Talk

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with participants how Euglena, the New Superfood, have a place in our diet to protect us from the ills of a modern lifestyle .

Innovest Unbound Festival

Euglena R&D, lead by Dr Kengo Suzuki, exhibited and shared with the gathering of more than 13,000 innovators how the research into this micro algae is revolutionizing the food, health supplement, skincare and bio fuel industries.

Bello Bambini Montessori Preschool Nutrition Programme

HealthPro team, led by dietician Caleb Mok, organised a fun and interactive nutrition puppet show, followed by healthy meal box preparation, with the preschoolers at Bello Bambini Montessori. Through the puppet show and meal box preparation, the kids gained deeper understanding on the importance and the interesting side of eating rainbow colours of fruits and vegetables.

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