Have you been having trouble managing your mood? Have you run through the list of conventional and non-conventional mood-enhancing strategies, to no avail?  

“We founded New Chapter over 30 years ago out of a desire to bring the healing value of Nature’s botanicals into people’s lives. From the beginning, we made a firm commitment to utilizing the whole plant, in its pure, unadulterated form, and to make a contribution through every innovation...”

New Chapter is proud to offer a whole-food approach to fish oil and an alternative to the fractionated, highly processed, and high-heat purified oils on the market today.

New Chapter believes a daily multivitamin can be much more than a nutrient backstop. 

Whey is often thought of as just a high-quality source of protein for athletes. However, emerging research is showing that the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and other fractions found in whey actually mimic many of the longevity benefits of calorie restriction.

In a recent issue of the Journal of Nutrition, an article was published showing a lower risk of mortality for coffee and tea drinkers over an 11-year average follow-up period.

Our belief in a scientific approach to better nutrition has always been the cornerstone of our company. But we also believe that good health is a balance — and suspect that you do, too.

Learn how to do so with Dr Steven Tucker, an expert in the prevention and treatment of cancer, in a seminar organized by “Life Extension” and “New Chapter”.

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