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Skin is often thought of as the great envelope of the human body. Its numerous and varied functions include external protection, temperature regulation, sensory detection and toxin removal, as well as the specialty functions involving hair and nails.

The skin’s appearance is determined by its exposure to harmful environmental influences such as sunlight and air pollution, in combination with diet, hydration, topical care and adequate rest.

Glucose – The Silent Killer

Diabetes Is a Form of Accelerated Aging

For decades, scientists have been trying to uncover the root causes of premature aging. The fact that diabetes is a form of accelerated aging comes as a surprise to most people. In fact, life expectancy for people with diabetes is four to eight years less than for non-diabetics. Both aging and diabetes share two important biological processes that damage the body: glycation, which results in damage to protein and lipid molecules, and oxidative stress, characterized by increased free-radical activity and damage to tissues by molecules like reactive sugar aldehydes. And many signs and symptoms of diabetes also commonly occur with aging, including:

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