Human Age-Reversal Research

Human Age-Reversal Research


A report has recently aired on ABC News channel about a human age-reversal initiative that Life Extension is pioneering.

Based on published research and Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj’s clinical experience with parabiosis studies, Dr. Maharaj has created a newprotocol to take the stem cell-mobilized factors from young donors to induce immune restoration.

The objective of this new study is to generate systemic rejuvenation so that elderly individuals may potentially increase their biological function to an earlier age.

For the first time in medical history, human studies are being designed for the purpose of inducing meaningful reversal of pathological aging processes. Said differently, these clinical trials aim to alter older humans so that they function as much younger individuals.

Even modest success of these studies will result in a paradigm shift that will impart enormous societal benefits, such as sparing Medicare from insolvency.

If I were asked even a few years ago if significant human age-reversalresearch was feasible, I would have said no. Virtually all attempts to slow aging are conducted in the laboratory setting, far removed from delivery to elderly people who have only a few years of life remaining.

To give you an idea of advances happening at prestigious universities, a protein found in the blood of young animals called GDF-11 is inducing systemicrejuvenation effects on bone, muscle, heart, blood vessels, and brains of older animals.

“GDF” stands for growth differentiating factor. It functions to turn “on” senescent stem cells, which results in a restoration of youthful structure and function to senile tissues. This same protein (GDF-11) is found in younghumans as well as animals.

HarvardStanford, and other universities are conducting remarkable studies showing age reversal in animal models. Researchers from these centers of medical innovation are optimistic that this approach might be applicable tohumans.

We at Life Extension® will not stand by while 6,000 Americans perish each day from age-related illnesses. Fortunately, we are no longer alone in wanting to accelerate the pace of human age-reversal research. Joining us are physician-scientists and some prominent individuals who are aggressively seeking to hurry up these technologies for people who are “aging to death.”

The Power Point presentation that follows next describes an age-reversal study that offers potential for quick clinical results, meaning the therapy could be readily implemented to spare aging individuals from premature extinction.

While the Life Extension Foundation is committing funding for these projects, we need help from our supporters.

Historic Human Clinical Study— Scientists On Verge Of Something Big!

In the January 2015 edition of Life Extension® magazine, you were promised announcements about breakthrough opportunities for the reversal of age-related disease.

While supplements that Life Extension members have been taking for decades provide substantial protection, never before have we had such an arsenal to counteract the multiple underlying factors that characterize degenerative aging.

A radical shift has emerged on the scientific front. This has prompted Life Extension to help coordinate the first clinical study of its kind that will attempt to significantly reverse aging in frail elderly humans.

The method employed will be to recruit young donors and mobilize their bone marrow stem cells.

The blood of these stem cell-mobilized individuals will be separated into a plasma concentrate that will contain factors thought to convey youthful health and vitality.

These youth factors will then be transfused into elderly individuals with the objective of inducing meaningful and sustained restoration of youthful function and tissue structure.

To date, the Life Extension Foundation has donated $800,000 to the South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Institute to study the use of this technology in advanced cancer patients. Life Extension is providing additional funding to get this project off the ground. In order to aggressively move this project forward, we need to raise pledges from those who want to see this game-changing technology emerge for humanity and themselves.

The following pages are a PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of the scientific rationale for conducting this unprecedented age-reversal clinical study.

Novel Age-Related Human Clinical Study

Scientists today have considerably more knowledge about aging than what doctors knew about smallpox when the smallpox vaccine was discovered in1796. Yet aging is still the leading cause of disease and death in the civilized world. The good news is that there are at least some ways to slow down pathological aging, but no practical protocol to meaningfully reverse it.

We Know More About Aging Than Our Ancestors Did About Smallpox

Smallpox was eradicated in regions of the world where universal vaccination was employed. This was accomplished before scientists knew there was a smallpox virus. There may be a way to reverse aging before knowing what specific components of young blood are responsible.

Smallpox And Aging

Parabiosis research has demonstrated profound age-reversal effects in laboratory animals. It may do the same for humans.

What is Parabiosis?

For the proposed human clinical trial, bone marrow-enriched plasma from young donors will be injected into elderly people. Other “pro-youth” factors may be added.

Two Ways Of Deriving Parabiosis Rejuvenation

Parabiosis was shown to confer longevity 43 years ago. Newer studies have identified specific rejuvenating factors contained in young blood.

Parabiosis Induces Longevity

Recent studies are demonstrating a powerful age-reversal effect in response to delivering young blood to old animals.


These results indicate the potential for systemic (whole body) age reversal.


Mainstream scientists opine on potential of parabiosis-type technology.


Parabiosis research peaked in the early 1970s and then stopped inexplicably. A resurgence of interest has ensued over the past three years.


Numerous published studies now validate the rejuvenating effects when young blood is infused into old animals.

What We Know Today

Young blood contains proteins that prompt old stem cells to start dividing again, which has a systemic age-reversal effect in animal studies.

Parabiosis = Rejuvenation

Researchers at prominent universities are validating multiple age-reversal effects that occur when young blood is transfused into old animals.

Systemic Rejuvenation

GDF-11 is a protein found in young human blood that disappears as people age. Transfusing bone marrow-mobilized young blood components into older people is likely to yield high levels of GDF-11.

Rejuvenation Proteins In Young Blood

Five million Americans suffer today with congestive heart failure. Bone marrow-mobilized young blood may reverse this pathology.

Regenerating Heart Muscle

Endothelial dysfunction is the Achilles tendon of aging humans and a causative factor in most strokes. Young blood may reverse this pathological condition.

Rejuvenating Old Blood Vessels

Making old tissues function in a younger fashion.

Harvard stem cell researchers

Sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) is epidemic in elderly populations and is a factor in frailty encountered by humans as they grow old. Young blood components might reverse sarcopenia.

Reversing Muscle Loss

Microglia are a type of cell of the brain and spinal cord that act as the first and main form of active immune defense in the central nervous system.

Restoring Youthful Cerebral Structure

Dr. Jarvik wants to try transfusing young blood components into old pets to reverse their aging process.

Extending The Lives Of Pets

Mainstream pharmaceutical company is seeking to develop patented drugs to mimic parabiosis research.

Parabiosis Research Goes Mainstream

First proposed human clinical study to reverse aging.

Age Reversal Clinical Study

Funding needed to consummate study that seeks to reverse aging in elderly humans.

Financial Resources Needed To Launch This Age-Reversal Human Study
Smallpox And Aging

If systemic age reversal can be documented in this study, the race to translate these findings into practical medical applications will begin.

Smallpox Killed Millions Of Humans For 3,000 Years

By William Faloon