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Natural Methods To Control Cholesterol

Approximately 25 million people take statin drugs to reduce their cholesterol, yet heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans.1-3

While statins lower LDL cholesterol and C-reactive protein, and modestly elevate protective HDL cholesterol,4,5 they may increase the risk of heart failure in certain people.6,7

A Common Virus That May Accelerate Immune

A major reason why our immune system fails with aging is that we lose vital naïve (virgin) immune cells while we accumulate excess levels of senile memory cells.1,2

Naïve immune cells are needed to respond to new malignancies and infectious agents,3whereas memory immune cells only respond to the original antigen, i.e. bacteria, virus, or cancer cell.4

AMPK --- The Cellular Enzyme That Promotes Longevity And Reduces Fat Storage

If one were to travel back in time to the 1800s, it would have been difficult to imagine that bacterial diseases would ever cease being the leading cause of suffering and death.1

The Deadly Consequences Of Excess Abdominal Fat

Few people realize that excess abdominal fat, especially excess fatty deposits around the internal organs in the abdominal cavity (called visceral body fat), is far more damaging to health and longevity than simply being “overweight.”

Maximizing Omega-3 Health Benefits

There are now close to 20,000 published studies on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. As researchers continue to discover new longevity mechanisms such as reducing brain shrinkage, protecting memory and improving endothelial function, scientists have begun to analyze how different omega-3 sources affect the body.

The Youth Restoring Benefits of NAD+

Since the year 2001, Life Extension® has been seeking a way to reverse a mechanism of aging that may not be adequately addressed by the healthy lifestyle choices most members currently follow.

Normal aging is accompanied by a noticeable increase in fatigue and loss of motivation. The tiredness we outwardly feel reflects inward impairment of cellular functions critical to sustaining life.

Bio-Enhanced TURMERIC Compounds Block Multiple Inflammatory

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain caused by inflammation, while millions more suffer diseases caused bychronic inflammation such as cancer and atherosclerosis.1,2

Prescription options—non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and glucocorticoids—target only part of the overall chronic inflammatory response. Worse, they have substantial side effects and are not meant for long-term use.3,4


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