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Radiance Kids

For 30 years now, hailing from the pristine environment of New Zealand, Radiance™ has been helping families there stay healthy through naturopathic principles and innovative products.

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Pro Formulations MD

This is the brand that created Glucan Elite, the best "value vs cost" beta glucan supplement available on the market in terms of percentage of 1,3 chain linkage, bioavailability and dosage. No other beta glucan supplement on the market will give you the same amount of active 1,3 linkage for the price as Glucan Elite

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Life Extension

The Life Extension Foundation is a scientific organization based in the US dedicated to researching on ways to control aging so as to extend the healthy human life span.

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New Chapter

Staying true to their philosophy of  “Delivering the Wisdom of Nature”, New Chapter has become the No.1 selling brand in the US Healthfoods Channel  (Source: SPINS 2009).

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Euglena is produced in the famous pristine environment of Ishigaki island of Okinawa, Japan; famous for the large percentage of centenarians in its population.

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Physician’s Series

Physician’s Series understands the exacting standards that a practitioner needs when dispensing a product as part of his/her clinical practice.


PhosChol® is the first and only, all natural, soy-derived 100 percent pure source of polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC).

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Activa microgranules are a patented pharmaceutical dosage form that have been assembled and blended for perfect biocompatibility and bioavailability.

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Vegetology aims to provide effective nutritional solutions to everyone regardless of location, religion or lifestyle choice. 

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