March/April 2021
March/April 2021 ..

Fight High Cholesterol Levels at the Root Causes
Cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death: a heart attack occurs every 5 seconds, a stroke every 6 seconds, 17 million people die each year from heart disease. According to the World Health Organization, half of deaths and disability cases resulting from a heart attack or stroke could be prevented by acting on cholesterol levels. What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a specific form of lipid or fat, partly made by the liver (endogenous), and partly provided by the diet (exogenous). It is essential to the body as it is a major component of cell membranes to ensure thei..

Enhancing the Life Saving Benefits of Vitamin K
Recent studies have expanded our understanding of vitamin K. We've long known it to be essential for bone density along with heart health.1-3 One study found that people aged 55 and older with the highest intake of vitamin K had a 57% lower rate of death from coronary heart disease over 10 years—and a 26% lower rate of death from any cause.4 A 2017 study showed that people with the highest intake of vitamin K had a 22% lower rate of bone fractures.5 More ways..

Turn on Your Body’s Youth Switch
An enzyme called AMPK is one of the body’s most powerful anti-aging tools. AMPK promotes regenerative pathways and acts in every cell to restore youthful function.1 Over time, AMPK activity declines. The result is accelerated aging. AMPK activation in animal models contributes to longer, healthier lifespans.1-3 Two low-cost nutrients have demonstrated potent AMPK-activating effects. By taking steps to activate AMPK, it becomes possible to enhance youthful functionality throughout our body. AMPK: A “Youth Switch” Note: AMPK is the acronym for: adenosi..

January/February 2021
January/February 2021 ..

Winter Edition 2020
Winter Edition 2020 ..

November/December 2020
November/December 2020 ..

Pro Formulations MD

This is the brand that created Glucan Elite, the best "value vs cost" beta glucan supplement available on the market in terms of percentage of 1,3 chain linkage, bioavailability and dosage. No other beta glucan supplement on the market will give you the same amount of active 1,3 linkage for the price as Glucan Elite

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Radiance Kids

For 30 years now, hailing from the pristine environment of New Zealand, Radiance™ has been helping families there stay healthy through naturopathic principles and innovative products.

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Nutrients to Charge up Brain Function
Nootropics are compounds that enhance cognition and facilitate learning. They differ from nutrients that protect against brain aging. Nootropics are for people seeking to improve brain processing speed and mental alertness. Nutrients with nootropic properties have become popular for people of all ages to improve thinking speed and accuracy. Nootropics Tune Up Your Mind Nootropics are a different type of brain and cognition supplement. Their goal is to boost cognitive performance now. Nootropics are meant to improve and recall recent and old memories. Nootropic compounds bo..

Fish Oil that is Good for You and the Ocean
Oceans are teeming with life, beauty, and mystery — magnificent worlds that are so different from our lives on land. The ocean is said to be Earth’s life support: we rely on it to help us regulate the climate, absorb CO2, and provide the primary protein for 3 billion people around the world. Many of us enjoy eating fish and have access to many kinds of fish at the market and when dining out. We may also choose to supplement our diets with fish oil—perfect for people who don’t love to eat fish but want its benefits. Unfortunately, poorly managed and industrial fish..

September/October 2020
September/October 2020 ..

Vitamin C: Critical Role in Immune Health
We’ve heard it all our lives: Vitamin C fights colds. That’s partially true. Some human studies show that taking vitamin C can lessen the severity and duration of the common cold.1 What’s irrefutable is the role that vitamin C plays in maintaining immune function.2-4 The ABCs of Vitamin C Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in humans.2 Without it we die. Humans don’t internally produce vitamin C like most animals. It must be obtained from diet or other external sources. Severe vitamin C deficiency—medically known as scurvy2—causes..

July/August 2020
July/August 2020 ..

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